Critical to the success of bariatric surgery is changing dietary habits, including getting essential vitamins, minerals, and protein. The same physical changes that make gastric bypass so successful may also decrease absorption of essential nutrients. Proper nutrition can be maintained with the right dietary resources and regular follow-up. The Bariatric Resource Center seeks to help patients obtain proper nutritional products at a competitive price, including a full line of protein sources and vitamins. The products featured are based on medical recommendations and patient feedback and success.


Many flavors of Nectar, Essence, and Muscle Milk
Various protein drinks: achievONE, Isopure, Chike
Protein bars, snacks, shakes, tea and soy products
Specifically designed to meet the needs of gastric bypass patients
Chewable forms
BeeBar, LipButter
Protein shampoo and conditioner
Devrom to deodorize gas control
Scar minimizer cream
T-shirts, medical alert bracelets
Download Bariatric Resource Center Catalog PDF  

For further information on products offered, download a PDF version of our catalog by clicking the link above or Contact Us to request a paper copy by mail. The Bariatric Resource Center is located in the Bariatrics of Texas office building. To order, call 940-691-0805 / Toll Free 866-691-0805.

Note: A patient is not required to purchase protein, vitamins or any other product from the Resource Center. The Resource Center was developed in order to assist patients in obtaining nutritional resources following surgery.